• Deshawn Nixon

New Comic Book "Taima"!

The story follows Taima, who is training to become the next generation of guardians for Earth after the previous force was completely wiped out. His aunt, who he calls Old Nan, adopted him and after witnessing his quick and destructive temper decided to name him Taima which means thunder.

Taima doesn't have any friends, he grows up completely alone besides Old Nan. His temper is fierce and he's often made fun of because he doesn't have parents and is home schooled. This caused him to get into a lot of fights, and further increased the distance between himself and everyone around him. His loneliness ends when Old Nan adopts a younger girl named Ava. She becomes his only friend, and together they both learn from Old Nan.

His aunt teaches him how to be a warrior and the powerful uses of magic that come along with it. Together they work to grow under the guidance of Old Nan, to one day be the guardians that Earth needs.


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